What happens in a session?

Every Movement Therapy session is individualized and tailored to your specific body, your needs, and your goals. I utilize a range of evaluative techniques such as:

<<>> muscle testing <<>> postural assessment <<>> breath assessment <<>> movement pattern assessment <<>>

I use the information gathered in these assessments as well as discussion with you to develop an effective plan. I will work with you one-on-one to establish new balanced and stable ways of breathing, sitting, moving, etc. You will leave with a personalized program that will address my evaluations as well as your goals.


Through education and embodied experience I empower my clients to take ownership of their health, to learn the unique language of their own bodies and to use what they learn in our sessions to inform and influence their movement and lifestyle choices for a lifetime. The human body is an incredible organism with an ability to shift, adapt, and alter itself based on its environment and circumstances. Many of our pain patterns, physical limitations, and injuries result from our body’s adaptations to our lifestyles and habitual movement patterns. With proper assessment, guidance, and a plan, we have the ability to create great change and healing within the body.