what exactly is Rehabilitative Movement Therapy?

In simple terms Rehabilitative Movement Therapy can be described as “movement therapy,” although it is so much more than that! It is for anybody who is experiencing physical pain, limitations, or wishing for more cohesive, balanced and sustainable movement.

So many people struggle with chronic pain, are recovering from an injury, have specific fitness goals, feel “tight” in their hips/shoulders/low back/etc., or just generally feel limited in their bodies. Rehabilitative Movement Therapy is a practice that encourages healing THROUGH movement, rather than by limiting it. The goal of Rehabilitative Movement Therapy is to see and identify these patterns of imbalance, and work together to develop and strengthen new patterns that support and return your body to optimal function and balance. 


On a deeper level, Rehabilitative Movement Therapy is a practice of seeing the whole person: physically, emotionally and mentally. We develop skills, movement patterns, drills, and exercises to support and guide you towards optimal health and well-being. It is about seeing beyond the injury, place of “tightness,” or limitation to the entirety of the person. My perspective is that these parts interact and influence each other as a whole body. The goal is to bring the body back towards alignment and balance. It is both a practice in healing as well as prevention. It is my aim to guide my clients into a deeper understanding and relationship with themselves while supporting them on their path towards healing.