prepare for and recover from the athletic event of birth


Train with me to support your body during pregnancy, prepare for birth and recover postpartum. Pregnancy is a miraculous demonstration of your body’s ingenuity, strength, and resilience. I provide each of my clients with information and support so they can make educated choices about what they want for their pregnancy, birth and beyond.



-fitness programs-

The fitness programs I develop for preconception, prenatal, and postnatal training combines functional progressions designed by BIRTHFIT to support women in preparation for and recovery from birth. They are influenced by my training in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, MovNat, Holistic Yoga Therapeutics, and strength and agility patterning from POINT Gym and Kitchen classes. I use all these methods to incorporate, strength, endurance, stability, range of motion, functional movement, proprioception, all planes of motion, isometrics, isotonics, balance, recovery, and intuition into training. What is included in a session is directly reflective of where a mother is in her journey.