postpartum training

Postpartum is forever. In the BIRTHFIT philosophy, the first twelve months are considered the motherhood transition, also called in other cultures the “critical” or “primal” period. This period is split up into four phases: Co-Regulation, Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Rebuilding. In our current birth culture, we tend to skip over the first three and go immediately to Rebuilding. There is immense pressure on women to “bounce back,” to remove all evidence of their “post-baby bodies” and return to their pre-baby fitness and life routine ASAP.

It is my intention to encourage and support women each session in the stage and body they are currently in. I emphasize intentional and intelligent training that meets Mom where she is at. Your programming is tailored to you based on your goals, where you are in your postpartum journey, and your own personal birth experience. No birth is the same and therefore no recovery is the same. This is why individualized training programs are so important. I work with women coming from all representations of birth: vaginal unmedicated birth, vaginal medicated birth, Cesarean, loss, vaginal tearing, and anything in between. It is extremely important to me that each of my clients feels supported and nourished in the stage and body she is in and has adequate time to rest and be with her new family.