I started my own journey towards health and wellness many years ago and founded Posana Therapeutics out of a desire to provide a place to offer information, guidance and support to those searching for their own path.


My mission is to help you improve and maintain your health and vitality. I provide my clients with individual nutritional and movement recommendations based on their goals, symptoms, lifestyle, and one on one assessments. It is my aim for each client to find a program that works for them and is sustainable. Through education and understanding I empower my clients to take ownership of their health, to learn the unique language of their own bodies and to use what they learn in our sessions to inform and influence their diet, movement and lifestyle choices for a lifetime.




I grew up in the kitchen where I learned the love language of food. I was raised by a father who is a classically trained French chef and was the owner of his own critically acclaimed restaurant, and by a mother who practices as a naturopathic physician and certified nurse-midwife. Due to their incredible influence I have always placed great importance on the quality of my food and have had a passion for holistic health and a drive to support and care for others. 

During my pursuit of a bachelors and masters degree in vocal performance I discovered the practice of yoga and balanced Nutrition as a way to deal with the stress of being a student and a performer. This was furthered when I found an interest in endurance sports and began my own research into the effects of nutrition on the body and athletic performance. This curiosity has led me down a lifelong path of questioning and discovery, and ultimately to the pursuit of a career in the world of nutrition.

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I found a practice called Yoga Therapy through my own search for healing. I was deep into the world of endurance sports when I was in an accident that left me broken and required extensive rehabilitation. As I began the recovery process I sought help from many different providers, and in general felt very frustrated by the care I received. My treatment felt impersonal and generic; more importantly, it completely disregarded my personal experience and goals. When I met and began to work with Annie Adamson (the founder of Holistic Yoga Therapeutics™) I immediately felt the difference. She saw and spoke to ME, my experience and my body. She worked with my injuries, taking into account my emotional and mental connection to them as well as how they impacted the entirety of my body. Through that profound experience and my passion for health and movement I decided to pursue a career in Rehabilitative Movement Therapy in order to offer others the care I had been given.

My studies in the world of yoga spurred in me a deep interest in the human body and a desire to continue learning. Since becoming a Yoga Therapist I have had amazing opportunities to further my learning and understanding of human movement by training in and certifying in MovNat, BIRTHFIT, DNS and working towards a masters degree in Kinesiology.

I believe in a holistic approach to nutrition and movement, that addresses each person’s bio-individuality. Every one of us is unique, and because of this I work with each client to discover what works best for them and fits in with their lifestyle and goals.

It is my mission to give my clients the information and guidance they need to make educated decisions about their own health and their futures; to guide them in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves with both an internal and external approach. When we have knowledge, tools and support, our ability to effect change can be exponential as well as lasting.


Education and Certifications

Bachelors Degree
Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Masters Degree
University of Oklahoma

Masters in Kineseology

Currently Enrolled

Holistic Yoga Therapeutics TM
Yoga Union, Annie Adamson

BIRTHFIT SE Portland Regional Director
BIRTHFIT, Dr. Lindsey Mathews

DNS- Exercise I
Rehabilitation Prague School, Craig E Morris

MovNat Level I

200 Hour Yoga Certification
Yoga Union, Annie Adamson

300 Hour Yoga Certification
Yoga Union, Annie Adamson

Primal Vinyasa
Yoga Union, Annie Adamson

Nutritional Therapy Certification
Nutritional Therapy Association




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