the act of nourishing, maintaining, and supporting

I am here to support you in discovering and maintaining nutrition, movement and lifestyle practices that will nourish you and your body.


Discover and address the root cause of your symptoms through the implementation of evidence based nutritional recommendation and lifestyle adjustments.

Relieve pain and physical limitations through the application of individualized exercises and movement repatterining.

Prepare your body for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Train for and recovery from the athletic event of birth.

the pursuit of health and wellness through intelligent and intentional nourishment


Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach to health through the use of personalized dietary and lifestyle changes. It is both a practice in healing as well as prevention, and one with the goal of optimal health. Nutritional therapy is an evidence-based approach to health, performance and wellbeing. Many of today’s health concerns are the result of nutritional deficiencies, unknown stressors, and lifestyle choices.



learn the language of your body


The human body is an incredible organism with an ability to shift, alter, and heal itself. Pain, limitations, and injuries often result from habitual movement patterns, and physical adaptations to old injuries, job movement requirements, etc . With proper assessment, guidance, and a plan, we have the ability to create great change and healing within the body. 



prepare for and recover from the athletic event of birth


Train with me to support your body during pregnancy, prepare for birth and recover postpartum. Pregnancy is a miraculous demonstration of your body’s ingenuity, strength, and resilience. I provide each of my clients with information and support so they can make educated choices about what they want for their pregnancy, birth and beyond.



-fitness programs-

The fitness programs I develop for preconception, prenatal, and postnatal training combines functional progressions designed by BIRTHFIT to support women in preparation for and recovery from birth. They are influenced by my training in Kinesiology, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, MovNat, Holistic Yoga Therapeutics, and strength and agility patterning from POINT Gym and Kitchen classes. I use all these methods to incorporate, strength, endurance, stability, range of motion, functional movement, proprioception, all planes of motion, isometrics, isotonics, balance, recovery, and intuition into training. What is included in a session is directly reflective of where a mother is in her journey.