As a BIRTHFIT Certified Coach, I offer support, training, and guidance to women and their families in all stages of motherhood and parenthood. If you or someone you know is pregnant, wants to become pregnant, has ever been pregnant, or is postpartum, BirthFit is for you.

As a BIRTHFIT coach it is my goal to empower women to be an active participant in their health, before, during, and after pregnancy. You can continue to train, move, adapt, set and break new goals, and embody power and strength in all stages and all representations of motherhood. Pregnancy is not a handicap, nor is it an injury; it is a miraculous demonstration of your body’s ingenuity, strength, and resilience. My goal is to prepare you physically and mentally for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

The programming I develop for preconception, prenatal, and postnatal training combines functional progressions designed by BIRTHFIT to support women in preparation for and recovery from birth. It is additionally influenced by my training in MovNat, Holistic Yoga Therapeutics, and strength and agility patterning from POINT Gym and Kitchen classes. I use all these methods to incorporate, strength, endurance, stability, range of motion, functional movement, proprioception, all planes of motion, isometrics, isotonics, balance, recovery, and intuition into training. What is included in a session is directly reflective of where a mother is in her journey.

Birth is physical, it is primal, and requires strength of will, body, and mind. I work one-on-one with women prenatally to help prepare them for this process. You will develop strength to support you as your body and center of gravity shifts - strength you can call on in labor and strength to develop supportive ranges of motion to maintain comfort as you move through pregnancy and birth. You will build the confidence and conditioning necessary to approach birth with a deep sense of courage and acceptance for what is and what will come. This is reflected in my emphasis on building functional strength in the back of your body (your posterior chain), stability in different positions, especially deep squatting, confidence to utilize the power of your own voice, and intentional higher intensity training to prepare for contractions in labor... and a fierce, flexible, and open mindset.

Postpartum is forever. In the BIRTHFIT philosophy, the first 12 months are considered the motherhood transition, also called in other cultures the “critical” or “primal” period. This period is split up into four phases: Co-Regulation, Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Rebuilding. In our culture currently, we tend to skip over the first three and go immediately to Rebuilding. There is so much pressure on women to “bounce back,” to remove all evidence of their “post-baby bodies” and return to their pre-baby fitness and life routine ASAP. It is my intention to encourage and support women each session in the stage and body they are currently in. I emphasize intentional and intelligent training that meets Mom where she is at. Your programming is tailored to you based on your goals, where you are in your postpartum journey, and your own personal birth experience. No birth is the same and therefore no recovery is the same. This is why individualized programming is so important. I work with women coming from all representations of birth: vaginal unmedicated birth, vaginal medicated birth, Cesarean, loss, vaginal tearing, and anything in between. It is extremely important to me that each of my clients feels supported and nourished in the stage and body she is in and has adequate time to rest and be with her new family.

I am beyond honored and excited to be a part of the deep and rich community of women and their families. Please reach out to me with any questions or to set up a free 30 minute consultation.